Interview with Bandicoot Warrior

What’s up Warriors and today I’m going to be discussing a new song by a Soul driven band called Neighborhood Goliath and I’ll also be asking them some questions as well.

So from listening to Dark Stars, you can hear the punchy trumpets in the background of the strong vocals within the song as well as the simple but effective drums which brings the song together making it one.

Towards the ending of the song, the drums go a little crazy which I love as it’s like a drum solo instead of a guitar solo and coming from a guitarist I think that’s cool instead of it being the Guitarist all the time shining the light on them.

The Vocals are nice and clear which and are quite relaxing to listen to which after my 5th listen through makes the song a Chillout style vibe and definitely be going in my “Music to Relax to” playlist.

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