Neighborhood Goliath mashes together its American and British roots to establish a unique version of guitar driven Alternative Indie Soul. Formed in Orlando Florida in 2011, and then relocated to London England in 2016.

With their new singles, Entire Life and Dark Stars releasing at the beginning of 2020, Neighborhood Goliath intends to establish continued growth through consistent sharing of creative and exciting music.

Pop-Culturalist caught up with members Trevor Dion Nicholas and Pete Hunt to chat about the band’s success and their new single, “Dark Stars.”

“Dark Stars” is my anthem of willful denial! It’s inspired by that intangible electricity between two people with a new love. The tepid approach of the initial discovery, that fear of letting another person under your skin to really see who you are. The paranoia we all experience where we wonder if to know us better is to love us less. But it’s also about the end of a relationship and being unable to acknowledge the deterioration. The repeated lyric “keep pretending we don’t know what we are” carries two different meanings at the beginning and end of the song. It’s about how love can be unique and extraordinary but ultimately doomed and the refusal to accept that.

London-based band Neighborhood Goliath, share a slice of enticing guitar driven Alternative Indie Soul, via the aptly intriguing video for their newest single Dark Stars.

We wanted to create something visually that felt quirky and different, and that made people feel like they needed to watch it more than once to really catch everything we were doing. Dark Stars is a song about willful denial, it’s a conversation about why a particular love is unique and extraordinary, but ultimately doomed and the refusal to accept that.

…the band ventures out of that lane with its latest recording, “Dark Stars,” a track brings some horn play and thus an element of R&B to their sound.

The band can make that move because of the power packed vocals of Trevor Dion Nichols. Nichols showed that he possessed alt-rock chops on the group’s previous two projects. Here, on “Dark Stars,” the Neighborhood Goliath front man shows that he can step up and caress a mid-tempo ballad when guitarist Andrew Cooksley steps back and allows Nichols and his voice to move firmly into the main stage. Check out the video and single for “Dark Stars” here.

The bombastically-bouncy Neighborhood Goliath are a group of five musicians hailing from both the United States and the United Kingdom.

The bands latest single, ‘Entire Life’, released in January 2020, is a head-bobbing anthem that truly shows off Neighborhood Goliaths musical competence. From the familiar but brilliant vocals, the fantastic arrangement, the exciting horns, rhythmic keys and bass, everything comes together and sounds powerful and more focussed than ever before. With its soaring chorus and musical breaks, ‘Entire Life’ is certainly a standout track.